Bippo Lingo


Tickle Stick — Disclosing solution on a cotton swab that helps us see where the patient needs to brush better

Mr. Thirsty — A suction or vacuum that drinks up all of the toothpaste

Magic String — Dental floss

Tooth Muscles — Fluoride varnish

Tooth Bugs, Cavity Bugs or Sugar Bugs — Tooth decay

Tooth Mirror — Small mouth mirror

Tooth Counter — Explorer that is used by the doctor to find cavities

Pictures — X-rays of the teeth

Happy Air — Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas. The happy air comes from our "Bippo the Hippo Nose" and helps your child relax while his or her tooth is being put to sleep.

Sleepy Juice — Our anesthesia used to numb your child's tooth. We never use words like shot or needle. We simply squirt sleepy juice all around their tooth and explain to your child that they may feel tiny little pinches around their tooth as it drifts off to sleep. If they are really quiet, they may hear the tooth snore!

Tooth Raincoat — A rubber dam that isolates the tooth we are working on, keeping it dry and keeping all the cavity bugs from falling into the child's mouth while Mr. Whistle blows them away

Tooth Ring — A small clamp that hugs your child's tooth and holds their tooth raincoat on

Mr. Whistle — Our high-speed dental hand piece that whistles real loud and blows all of the cavity bugs out of the child's tooth

Mr. Bumpy — Our slow-speed dental hand piece that bumps all around their tooth and tickles the cavity bugs away