Why Patient's Love Bippos


From the moment children walk in the door, they know they're someplace special; someplace fun. They're greeted warmly and invited into our play area, where there are toys, video games and special contests to keep them happy.

Once they get to our comfortable dental chairs, we keep them relaxed with a joke, a smile and a hand to hold.

Dentists and kids are on a first-name basis with one another. And our dentists speak kids' language. When they talk about dental care with your child, they'll never use scary words like “shots,” “drill”, “anesthesia,” “X-rays” or “cavities.” Instead they'll use child friendly words like “sleepy-juice,” “taking pictures” or “tooth bugs.”

They'll also use the latest numbing techniques to ensure our care is very gentle. In fact, many kids say they hardly even notice injections because they are so gentle. Plus after their visit, your child will get a prize for being such a good, brave patient.

Parents Always Get to Choose

Here at Bippo's Place, parents are welcomed in our treatment rooms so that you can participate in any decisions regarding your child's dental care. Many parents choose not to accompany their child and rather enjoy quiet time in our parent lounge. Either way, it's your choice.

We Care for Teenage Smiles, Too

It's not easy being a teen. You're not a little kid anymore, but you're not an adult yet, either. And regular dental care is crucial at this time if you're going to have a bright, healthy adult smile.

So we make teens feel right at home. There's a separate waiting room (with a PlayStation and other computer games) and treatment area for teens at most of our offices, so they don't have to hang out with the little kids. And they get the same friendly, gentle care that our smallest patients get.

Your Child's Safety is Important

We've invested in the latest sterilization equipment, so every instrument we use is completely germ-free. And don't worry about bringing in very young or very nervous children. That's what we're specially trained for.